The Team | Cane Road Agency
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Jesse Ryder McCann

Founder/Creative Director

Jesse grew up in Florida, then moved to Hawaii at the start of high school where he fell in love with surfing and the outdoors. He founded Cane Road in 2017 after seeing a need for an alternative option to your “traditional” branding agencies. Photography was his original passion which led him into a career in the creative arts. Jesse’s not-so-secret guilty pleasure is hogging the microphone at local karaoke bars (quite unfortunately for those who happen to bear witness). His go-to song; Should’ve Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith.


Mary Williams

Account Manager

Born in raised in Charleston, SC, Mary traveled west after high school to receive a degree in Communication Studies from the University of San Francisco with a minor in Music. She returned home after graduation ready to use her skills for public relations writing and continue with her passion for singing, piano, and guitar. You can usually find her writing songs in her spare time, as well as performing at venues around the Holy City. Some of us here have been secretly sending tapes in to The Voice and may have scheduled her for an audition without her knowing…


Ben Gately Williams


Graduating college twelve years ago with a degree in photography, Gately Williams has always felt at home with a camera in his hand. He’s traveled the world shooting pieces for the likes of Coastal Living, Garden & Gun, National Geographic, and more. Also cool fact, Gately has completed thirteen separate cross country road trips utilizing pretty much every mode of transportation possible. He’s done it by van, by motorcycle, and he’s even pedaled a bicycle coast to coast more than once! Alright Gately, let’s see you walk the damn thing, maybe then we’ll be impressed.