Story | Cane Road Agency
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CANE ROAD is a small, boutique marketing agency established in Charleston, SC in 2017. We specialize in branding, PR, content generation, and social media.


Marketing doesn’t fit into a box, it constantly evolves. That’s why we started Cane Road. We saw a deep need for a creative marketing agency that delivered relevance. We felt compelled to offer Charleston a new branding option; something with more depth than a traditional “techie” marketing firm. With art, story, and culture, we’re able to curate messages designed to invoke a feeling and build genuine customer relationships.


Graphic design is often the first art form a consumer lays eyes on, and we seek to explore emotions. Photography has the power to persuade and we utilize artistry to create quality. Public Relations is not cut and dry so we listen to the communities we work in to develop the message. Genuine relationships accumulate growth and Cane Road works with you to discover the possibilities.


We are now a three person in-house team, not including the extended pool of creatives from around the country we work with. We are based in Charleston, SC but represent brands from coast to coast, as well as in Hawaii. 


Wanna know more? Hit us up!